In search of rag wells: St Teilo’s Well, Llandeilo – a photo archive

This may well be the only ‘traditional’ surviving rag well in Wales the tradition of using only cotton strips predominate.
Red and white appear to be the main rags attached to trees around the pools. The  only  non  traditional  rag

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  1. Is this the Ffynnon Deilo at Llandeilo Llwydarth in Pembrokeshire? If so, I have never come across any record of it being known as a rag well. It is far more famous for the tradition that the well water had to be drunk from a human skull. Can you provide your sources that have it as a traditional rag well please, so that I can update my records.

    • Apologies Janet I’ve just logged on and noticed I had over 11 messages and just seen yours must have had my alerts off! Well I cannot be 100% I was talking to a local who said he was told there were some there when he was a kid. To be honest I wasnt sure as I said they hadnt been noticed before. He didnt have an answer to that – hence the possibly! Odd though the rags are rags and not the usual stuff I thought too. Hope you are well! I may correct this but this comment may do that! All the best!

  2. I definitely haven’t come across any other suggestion that this was ever a rag well but I am always open to new evidence, if anybody can supply it. I’m not in favour of new rag wells being created as the rags can become something of an eyesore and are only added as a copycat gesture. Traditionally they weren’t that common but the idea has spread. Some wells I first visited back in the ’70s were then rag-free but now sadly aren’t. Anyone who wants to leave an offering should ensure it’s small and quickly biodegradable.

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