Downloads – information on holy and healing wells

I’ve attached some downloadable holy well related books and articles. They are found on the web and no copyright hopefully has been preached but I thought it would be useful to have them in one place!

Folklore of wells East and West Masani, Rustom Pestonji, Sir, 1876

folkloreofwellseast and west

Charles Hope Legendary Lore of Holy Wells 1893


Quiller-Couch Holy wells of Cornwall

Holy wells of Cornwall 

James Rattue’s account of Leicestershire holy and healing wells

Leicestershire holy wells RattuevolumeLXVII-7sm

James Rattue’s account of Oxfordshire holy and healing wells

rattue oxford

St Lawrence’s Well: A Fragmentary Legend of the Isle of Wight, By Henry Brinsley Sheridan (1845)

Mackintosh’s Folklore of Scottish Lochs and Springs


holywells of Dyfed

Waters from the deep – Taffs Well Thermal Spring



Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells  Newsletters

Below are newsletters from the above group. Uploaded with permission by Bruce Osborne. The articles should be of interest to readers of the blog

ANewsletter 56 ANewsletter40 ANewsletter44 ANewsletter45 ANewsletter46 ANewsletter47 ANewsletter48 ANewsletter49 ANewsletter54 aNewsletter55 ANewsletter57ANewsletter60ANewsletter59ANewsletter58

               The following are articles. I do not own the copyright of these. If you wish them removed message me

                      Travels_BA122 02_brennerman_holy a_crprop holy_wells attymass HolyWater_Oestigaard KIllargue Holy Well – Leitrim Guardian 1976 V2 Filetoupload,287074,en The_Holy_Wells_of_Wales Bodmin holy Well_Trail_low_res Connemara-Spiritual-Trail HolyWellsLeaflet Somerset Standing Stones & Holy Wells CAV 211 st-cadocs-dissertation-220513-snorthcott sardinia holy well St Brigids Well Co Clare

  1. Interested in book Holy Wells Essex does not seem to be available do you have any copies left? Or any chance of it being made available on kindle?

  2. Hi, I’d like to use your excellent picture of the spring in Huntingdon for a talk I am giving for a small engineering conference in Syracuse USA in 2 weeks (8th Nov 2015). May I have your permission to use it?

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