The SOURCE The Holy Wells Journal First Series Contents

The first series of SOURCE ran from 1985 to 1989. It was edited by Mark Valentine , who wrote Holy Wells of Northamptonshire. and is now a well-known author.

The articles ranged from scholarly academic driven analysis through to county surveys to new age poetry and musings.

 The contents of each issue, transcribed by Richard Penderick, is included below with the links. The copyright for the articles belongs to the original contributor and not to me. The design also Richard Penderick. I hope it is of use!

Issue 1 (March 1985)


Issue 2 (July 1985)


Issue 3 (November 1985)


Issue 4 (March 1986)


Issue 5 (July 1986)


Issue 6 (Winter 1986)


Issue 7 (May 1987)


Issue 8 (Autumn 1988)


Issue 9 (Spring 1989)

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