Report on the Application for the Scheduling of St Helen’s Well, Pocklington

by Ian Taylor

St Helen’s Well, Chapel Hill, Pocklington, and the site of its adjacent St Helen’s Chapel were re-discovered by me in March 1985.

This site is now in a bad condition, being almost obliterated by undergrowth within the edge of a wood which covers a considerable proportion of the hillside. Until three or four years ago the well had a wall around it and also had a wooden lid. This has now been demolished and the site filled in and the adjacent area of Chapel Hill is threatened with development. Feeling that something should be done about this I applied to the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission to have the site Scheduled, which is the only means of safeguarding it from the developers. This was also done in the hope that it would set a precedent for similar wells under threat of loss. The application is still being considered but has, I am told, some support in the local authority. A further report will be presented as the situation develops.

Text  © Ian Taylor (19985)

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