The Well of the Sacred Blood

by Caroline Wise

The Eye of Fire by Graham Phillips and Martin Keatman (1986) is a true story of a group of people searching for a powerful red jewel, using psychically gained information. On the last few pages some astonishing incidents are reported that may interest Source readers.

On December 12th 1982, one of the participants, Terry Shotton, saw a bright blue orb of light bobbing up and down in a corner of his orchard at Saverley Green, Staffordshire. He watched it from forty yards away, with six other people. It was apparently about six feet in diameter, with a shimmer around it. The light rose in the air until just a pinprick was visible.

The area where the light had originally hovered was damp and had a blue misty glow. On closer inspection, this was a mass of luminous blue threads, which evaporated within fifteen minutes. I remember talking to some of those who witnessed this shortly after it happened. They were clearly perplexed.

When looking at an old map of Saverley Green, Terry noticed that where his orchard met the surrounding fields, there had once been the site of an old well. I have not seen this map. The team decided to dig at the spot, next to an old yew tree, and after five feet found the water table, and the hole quickly filled. They surrounded this with bricks. Psychic information related that in ‘ancient Celtic times’ the spot had been a magical well named ‘The Well of the Sacred Blood’.

Exactly one year later, according to the book, Gaynor Sunderland, then sixteen, announced that as many of the people involved in the search for ‘The Eye of Fire’ as possible should go to the Saverley Green house. It was short notice so only six people were present. Gaynor told them all to go into the garden, but to stay exactly where she told them to stand. As this book has been criticised by many as being over the top in its telling of the search for the stone, I asked Gaynor to tell us in her own words what followed:

‘We were at Terry’s, and I felt I had to go outside. I walked from the others up to the well by myself. I’m usually too frightened A brilliant light appeared at the well, and the figure of a woman appeared in it. There was a feeling of complete calm in the garden. It was like I was in the light with her. Her hand came out to me. It was semi-transparent. I can’t say there was an amazing feeling of power or that she had to pass on any particular message to me. The others watched from thirty five yards away. One sank to his knees. Our friends thought at the time that this was in awe but it was actually to get a better vantage point to run to me if I needed help: I felt very calm and warm.’

Gaynor told me that she felt the lady was ‘a mixture of Mother Earth and everything that is good’.

The above is an incredible tale, but as far as I’m concerned, if Gaynor Sunderland claims that it happened, then I have no doubt that it did. I understand that other amazing paranormal events have occurred at this well, although I don’t know if these will ever be published.

Text © Caroline Wise (1987)

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