The Wellsprings Fellowship: a brief introduction



WELL RESTORED – The Wellsprings Fellowship

The Wellsprings Fellowship: a brief introduction
Cymrodoriaeth y Fynnondarddu
What is the Wellsprings Fellowship?

Wellsprings is an organisation devoted to the research, restoration and maintenance of holy wells throughout Wales.  It is based in Brecon, and administered from there by its indefatigable secretary, Jan Shivel, along with fellow committee members Barbara Roberts and David Littlewood.

This executive committee is very active, but the rank and file members are by no means passive observers.  This is not an organisation to join if you don’t want to get your feet wet and your hands dirty.   It is ordinary Wellspringers who ensure that conservation work gets done in the most practical way.  Even at this year’s AGM, which the editors of LSJ attended, on a cold, wet and inhospitable January day many Wellsprings members were actually down at Brecon Priory Well, helping with the restoration work.


What does the Wellsprings Fellowship do?

  • Identify, research and catalogue wells
  • Advise and liaise with community groups restoring wells
  • Provide expertise in aspects of restoration work
  • Educate via talks, walks, exhibitions


The Eye in the Landscape

Wellsprings produces its own occasional journal, The Eye in the Landscape, in which recent activities and conservation projects are written up by Wellspringers.  This year for the first time The Eye has been published electronically, and two articles written for The Eye are being simultaneously published in LSJ, thanks to the wonders of Web technology.  We hope that this cooperation will bring both publications to the attention of a wider public.


For more information

If you want to know more about about the Wellsprings Fellowship, and read the full contents of issue 3 of The Eye in the Landscape, check out the Wellsprings website.   Here you will also find a lot of background information, a membership application form, plus a list of their activities and social events for the coming year.  One to put in your diary now is the annual Eluned’s Way walk on 30th July.  LSJ‘s editors will be going – so we’ll see you there.

NOTE: As of 2011 the Wellsprings fellowship ceased as a charity but its spirit continues with a FB site and contributions by its members

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